Proposed Development at Knockharley Landfill

Knockharley Landfill Strategic Infrastructure Development Application to An Bord Pleanala

Knockharley Landfill Ltd. has made an application for permission in accordance with Section 37E of the Planning and Development Acts 2000-2018 for proposed development to the existing Knockharley landfill site to:

  1. Increase the waste intake to 440,000 tonnes per annum
  2. Increase the overall height of the landfill
  3. Construct and operate an Incinerator Bottom Ash facility
  4. Construct and operate a biological treatment building to treat the organic fraction of municipal solid waste fines
  5. Construct and operate a leachate management facility
  6. Construct screening berms
  7. Construct surface water management infrastructure
  8. Fell 12.5 hectares of commercial forestry plantation and replanting and new planting of 16.8 hectares of commercial forestry plantation
  9. Relocate overhead ESB powerlines and construct 2 no. additional ESB substations
  10. Extend the existing car park
  11. Extend existing below ground infrastructure and ancillary works.

The nature and extent of the development is fully described in the planning application and accompanying Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and Natura Impact Statement (NIS).




Responses to Request for Further Information ABP-303211-18